Recommended reading and listening


Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias: Take back your life

Daniel Shaw: Traumatic Narcissism. Relational Systems of Subjugation


Matthew Remski: Practice and All is Coming


I got mine-ism

Somatic dominance in yoga and Buddhism

What happens one generation on from a high demand group?

Dr Yuval Laor: the religious ape:

Gillie Jenkinson how pseudo-creativity is used in cults through the arts:

Wendy Ford, Recovery from Abusive Groups:

Judith Herman: Trauma and Recovery

Articles not referenced elsewhere on this site

How narcissistic groups bully their victims

How psychopaths infiltrate religious and spiritual groups to meet their own needs

A recovering monk: bracing for winter

The danger in fake positivity and spiritual bypassing

Differences between toxic positivity and hope made simple

Podcasts and videos

The Religious Trauma Institute are offering free online workshops on religious trauma and the nervous system

Dan Shaw on shame and indoctrination

Gillie Jenkinson on cult trauma and cult pseudo-personality


How dogma pollutes discourse

Punishing doubt

Concealing abuse

Janja Lalich: Are we all cult members now?

Rachel Bernstein‘s series ‘Indoctrination

David Trevealan: Trauma sensitive mindfulness podcast

Willoughby Britton: Adverse effects of mindfulness meditation

Evan Thompson on ‘Buddhist exceptionalism’ and the problems with Buddhist modernism

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