Abuse in and after leaving The New Kadampa Tradition

The pattern of euphemisms for the retrospective glorification of religious authorities has become interrupted by those affected joining to begin to share their own stories of indoctrination, exploitation and abuse. This signifies a turning point in the historiography of Tibetan Buddhism‘.  Anders (2019).

Explore sub-pages for information:

  • The enabling and minimising of abuse in the NKT
  • Have you experienced abuse within the NKT?
  • Testimonies
  • DARVO (Deny Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender): How the NKT attack critics
  • Cyber-bullying towards Michelle from NKT members

According to Anders (2019) economic, physical and psychological abuse has become evident in Vajryana groups due to ‘massive processes of exploitation and submission, especially towards the feminine, and the depersonalization of group members’.

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