(Image posted by Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre, 24.06.19)

Dr Michelle Haslam (DClinPsych, PhD, BSc)

Clinical psychologist and ex-resident of Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre, Northamptonshire

The latest version of my writing on the NKT can be downloaded here:

Update: I am no longer checking my email address due to suspicious emails being sent by members of the NKT. Comments are now closed due to harrassment from NKT.

For a further analysis of recent attacks on me by ‘Dr Robert Harrison’ (senior NKT, widely suspected to be a combination of Neil Elliot and Steve Booth, but there is no proof) please visit https://www.nktworld.org/defame.html. I agree with the analysis given on nktworld, and would add that a real Dr of Psychology with concern for my mental state would have no interest in my document on the NKT whatsoever, and would not record everything I say in order to exaggerate and twist it. For a thoughtful article on the abuse I have received by ex-NKT Medium writer ‘Leaving the sangha’ please see here: https://medium.com/leaving-the-sangha/a-buddhist-perspective-on-buddhist-trolling-742b48df9dbb

I am finding it quite entertaining the lengths senior NKT are going to. However, am not interested in reading any more.

A direct message to senior NKT: noone on the outside is fooled. Survivors, every safeguarding lead in the NHS, the police, Cultic Studies experts, and my clinical psychology colleagues have seen through your tactics in an instant (they are, after all, REAL psychologists). There is nothing you can do to dismiss survivors. There is nothing you can do to ruin my career. You have revealed yourselves for everyone to see, and in the future even highly indoctrinated members will work it all out when they escape your deception and seek support.

A video message of appreciation

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  1. Wicked cool to see the new fearless awareness campaigns against this super controlling and creepy organization.


    1. There is the ‘Exposing The New Kadampa Tradition’ Facebook group but it’s not a safe therapeutic space. If you put a message there you can request to be added to a secret group for survivors. In terms of face to face therapeutic support, there is nothing yet. We are hoping to develop a recovery based website in the autumn


  2. Thank you Michelle for continuing your educational work. May it safe many many spiritual seekers and human beings from the damage this high demand group can bring onto others!


    1. ” Someone can now pose as multiple people on public sites. Had “personal message” that was repeated word for word in person. Am afraid to join any groups. Narcissus may be female in many situations. Families and personal data on these sites may be researched. I’d think I’m nuts if I hadn’t gone through it.


  3. Wow- well done!
    This is very thorough and I’m so sorry you had to experience this.
    I’m even more sorry that the NKT have set up an entire website to defame you. Completely behaving against all of the teachings.


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