Who are we?

We are a group of people who have previously been involved with The New Kadampa Tradition (NKT-IKBU) and/or have supported those in recovery from involvement. Some of us are named below as contributors or supporters, however many do not feel safe enough to be named due to The New Kadampa Tradition’s history of attacking critics and testimony writers.

Dr Michelle Haslam is a clinical psychologist with over 8 years experience of working with people with complex attachment related difficulties and addictions. She is also an ex-resident of Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre who began whistleblowing in March 2019. Her most popular video is ‘How I believe the New Kadampa Tradition hooks you in through your trauma and then retraumatises you’. Michelle’s workplaces now remain confidential after attacks from senior New Kadampa Tradition members via her workplace the day after her psychological analysis of the NKT went viral. Michelle now has a special interest in indoctrination, cultic dynamics and cultic abuse. She is a member of the International Cultic Studies Association.

Andrea Ballance is an ex-ordained member of the NKT who left in 2003. She has been very keen to warn people about the NKT and the damage they can inflict on people. She has published many videos and articles on hers and others experiences. Her YouTube channels are here and here.

Carol McQuire is an ex-ordained member of The New Kadampa Tradition. She was a member for 12 years and ordained for 9 years. Carol has been a New Kadampa survivor activist for several years. Carol has a degree in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University. You can watch Carol speak here. One of her writings on the NKT is here. Being one of the first to speak strongly about her experiences, Carol has received and continues to receive extensive harrassment, threats and bullying from senior NKT members.

Geoffrey Bonn is an ex-ordained member of the NKT. He writes at Leaving the Sangha. Due to ill health Geoffrey doesn’t get to write as much as he would like to. He recently wrote a piece on the trolling received by ex-members.

Tenzin Peljor was a member of The New Kadampa Tradition for 4 years. He was a teacher and was ordained. He remains a monk but does not practice within the NKT. Tenzin runs various websites that assist people in finding information on abuse in Buddhist groups: info Buddhism and the Buddhism Controversies blog. He is a member of the German Buddhist Monastic Association (DBO). You can watch Tenzin talk with Michelle about his experience of indoctrination here and about recruitment here. Tenzins written testimony is here. Tenzin has suffered extensive character assassination as a result of his work. The NKT were successful in banning him from editing their Wikipedia page due to the argument that he had too much trauma to be trusted.

Carmelo Russo is an ex-resident of Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre and a retired mental health nurse. Carmelo’s video testimony is here.

Christian Szurko is a spiritual abuse recovery specialist who has worked with many ex-members of high demand groups, including the NKT. He is director of DialogueCentreUK, offering information, understanding and help about high-demand religious or political groups and the effects of involvement with them. Christian mentored Michelle during her whistleblowing process. Christian is especially interested in educating people about the potential dangers of practicing meditation within a cultic environment. You can see Michelle talk to Christian about recovery here. Chris Shelton interviews Christian on his channel Sensibly Speaking. Christian talks to Chris about first steps in helping someone out of a destructive group.

Matthew O’Connell is an ex-resident of an NKT centre. He has produced several podcasts sharing his opinion on the NKT and Buddhist cultic groups in general. You can listen to Tenzin speak with Matthew O’Connell in an Imperfect Buddha episode here. Matthew interviews Michelle here.

Eddie Nuttall is a play and playwork specialist and consultant with over 25 years experience in the children’s workforce. He is the author of numerous publications on play and playwork, and runs a large adventure playground in the West of England where he lives with his family. Eddie lived in NKT centres in the north West for three years in the nineties, and experienced severe depression and anxiety in the years after leaving. He is particularly interested in accountability over mental health issues in the NKT, and greater rigour in the safeguarding of vulnerable people. Eddie’s video testimony is here: Part 1 and Part 2. You can watch Eddie speak about NKT sectarianism here.

Dr Yuval Laor received his PhD in culture studies from Tel Aviv University, where he was supervised by leading evolutionary biologist Eva Jablonka. His dissertation explored the evolution of religious psychology, with an emphasis on evolutionary accounts of the human capacity for fervor and sudden conversion, and his subsequent work has focused on the nature of fervor. Yuval has published articles in the Journals of Religion Brain and Behavior and History and Theory. He is currently working on a book entitled The Religious Ape: What cults and fervor can teach us about the evolution of religion. You can watch Yuval talk with Michelle about fervor in The New Kadampa Tradition here.

Jon Atack, ex-scientologist, author and speaker. Jon is generally acknowledged as the world’s leading authority on the history of Scientology. He has contributed to over 200 media pieces, many government investigations and over 150 court cases. His work has been acknowledged by over 40 academics. Jon recently started his own YouTube channel with his son Sam, helping educate people on coercive control. You can watch Jon speak about spotting cult warning signs here. Jon interviews Michelle and speaks about NKT attacks on survivors here.

Adrian Oertli, psychotherapist and former left extremist group member. Adrian is involved in promoting nonviolence and cult education in the protest/alternative movement. He was recently interviewed by a journalist for the most widely read daily Newspaper in Switzerland (20 minutes) for an article on Extinction Rebellion. He speaks about how critical voices are shutdown within activist movements.


  • Steve Hassan, former member of the Moonies and author of ‘Combatting Mind Control’ and ‘The Cult of Trump’
  • Dr Alexandra Stein, social psychologist, cult specialist and author of ‘Love, Terror and Brainwashing’
  • Emily Francis, ex-member
  • Andrew Cheadle, ex-resident of Nagarjuna KMC
  • Richard Litchfield, ex-member
  • Gabriella Markgraf, ex-member
  • Linda Ciardiello, ex-resident
  • Recy Kypri, ex-member who sadly died in January 2020
  • David Suppan, writer on ethics in spiritual groups
  • Many others who do not wish to be named at the present time for safety reasons

What are our aims?

We aim to provide multimedia informational materials to assist people in making informed decisions about their involvement with the NKT. Michelle has written them with the support and advice of other ex-members, some of whom are named as contributers and some remain anonymous.

Thanks to the internet, I can now have a sense of fellowship with others who had nearly identical experiences. It wasn’t “all in my mind” after all

Anonymous testimony ‘My NKT Hell

There are currently no face-to-face support groups for ex-members of the NKT specifically. However there a two support groups for ex-members of cultic groups via Family Survival Trust in Manchester and London. For details please email thefamilysurvivaltrustuk@gmail.com.

Crisis support

According to Anders (2019) ex-members of so called ‘Buddhist’ groups often report that they needed immediate help upon leaving. Please note that many survivors report suicidality shortly before or after leaving and are at risk of homelessness due to economic abuse and exploitation (Anders, 2019). If you are experiencing a crisis or are worried about someone who might be, please seek support from any family and friends outside the NKT, your local crisis team, visit A&E or call a hotline such as The Samaritans. Sadly, many mental health professionals do not understand how cultic groups operate, but speaking to an outsider may still help validate your perception and intuition.

Any abusive and traumatic experience that you have suffered is likely to be reframed as just ‘your karma’ in order to deflect from the abuser and to silence trauma (Anders, 2019). Social support is the biggest predictor of recovery from trauma, however ex-members are likely to believe they should be able to ‘transform’ suffering entirely cognitively instead of through social support and empathy.

Sadly we are unable to provide practical or emotional support for those leaving the NKT on an individual basis, for personal and professional reasons (apart from via DialogueCentreUK). The Recovery from the NKT team work hard to try and raise awareness of how the NKT operates in mental health professionals and social workers however this has proved very challenging and has had limited success.

How can you help?

If you would like to submit a piece of writing on the NKT or be named as a supporter please email Michelle at thrivingafterthenkt@gmail.com.


June 2019: Eighteen hours after Michelle’s analysis of the NKT went viral senior NKT emailed her workplace using a fake identity in an attempt to trigger her, threaten her and her workplace, and character assassinate her as mentally ill (a cult classic). See video by Andrea Ballance for an example of how survivors felt about this attack.

July 2019: Former members around the world were appalled and angered by the defamation website set up to attempt to destroy Michelle. The journalistic style reveals the fake psychologist to be the same perpetrators as ‘Indy Hack’. This timing prior to summer festival suggests the main purpose of the defamation website was information control for the purpose of reducing the cognitive dissonance of current members regarding Michelle’s report. Righteous anger led several former members to write about this online: ‘A Buddhist perspective on Buddhist Trolling‘; ‘Defame and Destroy‘; ‘UK Psychologist being harrassed by Buddhist cult‘ and ‘Please let me warn you about the NKT‘.

November 2019: Research has now been published on the silencing of trauma and abuse in so-called Buddhist groups (Anders, 2019a, 2019b). Initial recommendations for therapeutic approaches for former members have been made. This research has now been quoted throughout this website. The defamation website against Michelle has now been reworded to change the language used around Michelle’s mental health following her video calling out the archaic pathologising language. The perpetrators have also now included Michelle’s father’s mental health problems as further evidence of her PTSD being ‘minimally’ related to her experiences with the NKT.

December 2019: The Religious Trauma Institute are offering free workshops and resources on recovery. You can register to watch their workshop on religious trauma and the nervous system. Matthew O’Connell interviews Michelle about her NKT experience in an Imperfect Buddha podcast episode. Jon Atack, ex-scientologist and author chats with Michelle on his YouTube channel.

January 2020: Several survivors are horrified and worried to discover that Gen-La Thubten (Neil Elliot) is due to teach in a hotel in Carlisle in February on ‘Living without stress’. This breaks the NKT’s internal rules, which state that an ordained person who breaks their vows should not teach again. Thubten is widely known to have had sex with many of his followers under the guise of spiritual practice. After sending a complaint to Manjushri regarding Gen-La Thubten teaching again a survivor has received a suspicious email on January 13th. The email falsely used the identity of a fellow survivor and sent a suspicious link. Several survivors have now complained to the hotel but with no success. (Please also note that it is not possible to ‘Live without stress’).

Dr Michelle Haslam released an updated version of her full analysis of the NKT. For those who already read an old version, additions include: deception via hidden name; obscuring the sectarianism from newcomers; ‘Be very careful not to give the impression it is a recruitment drive; encouraging teachers to be inauthentic; analysis of trolling; quotes from testimonies, and more cultic studies literature. Look out for potential smear campaign updates on http://www.dr-michelle-haslam.com.

Jon Atack interviews Michelle on recruitment and waking up from The NKT. Chris Shelton interviews Christian Szurko, spiritual abuse recovery specialist (and Michelle’s mentor) on his channel Sensibly Speaking. Christian talks about first steps in helping someone out of a destructive group.

February 2020

Jon Atack and Michelle discuss recovery from authoritarian groups and prevention. Be Scofield, cult reporter releases an article on the NKT which details abuse and attacks on survivors – the first of its kind. Five days after the release of this article, the NKT senior management have now ‘parked’ the defamation website against Michelle, proving that it was them and they are panicking about their reputation being ruined.

Michelle is interviewed on the podcast Let’s talk about sects and the YouTube channel Talk Beliefs. An ex member from New York came forward with her testimony.

A current member was blocked from the Students and followers of Kelsang Gyatso FB page after asking what happened to the young NKT teacher called Gomchen.

March 2020

Lauren, an ex-member from Australia began making her own YouTube videos ‘I think I was in a cult’ Part 1 and Part 2. Lauren tells more of her story of recruitment and how she experienced anxiety and dissociation that was spiritualized and ignored by NKT teachers.

Former Scientologist Chris Shelton interviews Michelle on his channel Sensibly Speaking.

Dr Michelle Haslam appears on BBC One The Big Questions debate show to discuss ‘Does mindfulness cause more harm than good?’. This can be viewed on BBC iPlayer or via this YouTube video.

The Religious Trauma Institute are offering free workshops live on Facebook on covid-19 and it’s relationship to religious trauma. Is social distancing reminding you of the isolation you felt in your religious community/sect?

NKT members have been posting on the students and followers of Kelsang Gyatso Facebook page requesting teachings be made free during Covid-19. These comments were deleted by admins (information control and discussion control).

April 2020

NKT social media produced FAKE MESSAGES, pretending to be from Kelsang Gyatso, telling people to ‘stop worrying’. Please note that it is perfectly healthy and normal to be worried during a global pandemic. Telling people to stop worrying does not help in any case, this is simply thought stopping.

46 thoughts on “

  1. Wicked cool to see the new fearless awareness campaigns against this super controlling and creepy organization.


    1. There is the ‘Exposing The New Kadampa Tradition’ Facebook group but it’s not a safe therapeutic space. If you put a message there you can request to be added to a secret group for survivors. In terms of face to face therapeutic support, there is nothing yet. We are hoping to develop a recovery based website in the autumn


  2. Thank you Michelle for continuing your educational work. May it safe many many spiritual seekers and human beings from the damage this high demand group can bring onto others!


    1. ” Someone can now pose as multiple people on public sites. Had “personal message” that was repeated word for word in person. Am afraid to join any groups. Narcissus may be female in many situations. Families and personal data on these sites may be researched. I’d think I’m nuts if I hadn’t gone through it.


      1. Yes the NKT plaster their same free add info anywhere they can, enticing you to download their same ‘FREE’ info its just to entice people to the NKT its a Selling ploy by them. Basically offering solutions, telling you how good they are, like putting the same NKT flyer in a newsagent window, it’s all over the web.


  3. Wow- well done!
    This is very thorough and I’m so sorry you had to experience this.
    I’m even more sorry that the NKT have set up an entire website to defame you. Completely behaving against all of the teachings.


  4. For some reason the link to the song posted above is not correct. The linked song should have been “Come With Us” by Sophie Ellis Bextor. Listen to the lyrics and see what I mean.


  5. It will be interesting to see the additions that the NKT make to Michelle’s smear campaign while they’re all in Arizona.
    Watch this space…


    1. Well it’s been remarkably quiet on the insidious troll front so far……either they are too busy or senior NKT have instructed people to leave me alone in order to protect the NKT reputation (not because of my wellbeing of course!)


      1. They’ve made some additions and changes now but not sure when that was as I don’t look regularly. Additions include my father’s mental health problems as evidence of my pre-existing trauma. I believe they’ve also changed the language describing my mental health as I couldn’t see the ‘manifest psychiatric disorder’ anymore. Seems they have watched my video describing the attack and altered the website based on my analysis. They are like a virus, evolving their attack style to be more insidious. Shame everyone knows it’s senior NKT so it’s just more evidence of how relentless and pathological they are


  6. Hi. I don’t know where else I might reach out to you and send you a message except here- I really hope you see it! I have just found your channel and think that you are doing such important work! I am an ex-NKT member in New York. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in clinical social work, which teaches a lot of psychology, including trauma. Although I never got really deep into the tradition, I got close enough to see and experience a lot. I have a lot of stories to tell, a “testimony” if you will. I would hope that your channel would be a place where I could add my own voice in the form of a video testimony. Please send me an email! Many thanks. X


  7. Just a message of support for all you are doing Michelle. I was part of the New Kadampa Tradition for almost two decades, but left after a number of incidents that led me to believe that I was not part of an authentic Buddhist tradition, but rather, a personality cult run by narcissists that abused their power, their only interest was making more and more money. There was no pastoral care, there was no duty of care, there was no safeguarding, and senior managers and ‘teachers’ frequently lied to cover-up serious failures in safeguarding, to a point where I would allege, there was a cover-up of criminal behaviour – financial and sexual abuse.
    While “Gen la Thubten”, the disgraced sexual predator and ‘Buddhist monk’, and his team in the Kadampa Internet office at Manjushri KMC, Ulverston spend their time producing glossy brochures and videos in the hope of attracting unsuspecting people to the NKT, it’s important that this resource Michelle, is available for those trapped within the NKT to find a way out; a resource their friends and family to help NKT followers get out; and for those who have not yet fallen under the spell of the Kelsang Gyatso myth to avoid this sham organization.
    In an ideal world I could leave my real name. But given the NKT tendency to slander it’s critics, it’s not worth the stress to my family.


    1. I have approved this comment purely so that people can see how you are attempting to minimise abuse and to blame the victim. I will not enable the NKT’s decades of institutional abuse by practicing anything that the NKT or any other similar group recommends. Abuse is not all in our mind, malignant narcissists and sociopaths exist, and if we don’t call out their behaviour it will get worse


      1. To force teachings on people who have clearly stated that they felt manipulated and exploited by people using the teachings, is sick and twisted. I will try to cherish, look after and protect myself and there is nothing you can do to annihilate me or make me feel inferior to you


  8. Has your campaign helped you recover? Do you regret what you have done? Is there anything you would have done differently? Or are you still angry?


  9. You just make NKT members look even more childish when you keep trolling like this.Setting up new email addresses just to troll me is incredibly sad and cowardly. Have you got nothing better to do? Feel free to keep going, I’ll approve them all so people can see


  10. The whole world is witnessing your anger and inability to engage in discussion. If you want to expose yourself, then go right ahead 😃


    1. You’re not engaging in meaningful conversation, if you were, I’d be happy to engage with you. Anger is a healthy reaction to being abused, and I’m really proud of myself for breaking free of the indoctrination and connecting with my righteous anger. There is literally nothing you can do to make me feel inadequate


    2. What are you doing???? Please consider for a moment what faith tradition would encourage this type of harassment. Is this what you wanted when you decided to commit your life to this group? I don’t know what you believe about God, but you can’t possibly want to believe in a Supreme Being who approves or endorses actions such as yours. What are the implications?! Every religion seems to have some whacked-out branch that twists its teachings and its view of God and Truth, that abuses members, and solicits followers with shamefully deceptive practices. If Dr. Haslam is angry, she has a right to be. There is such a thing as righteous anger/indignation-at injustice (think: Martin Luther King, Jesus Christ, Archbishop Oscar Romero, Ghandi, Rigoberta Menchu, etc.). Please for the sake of your own soul, your own mental health, stop this harassment!


      1. What is your definition of ‘harassment’ or ‘trolling’? I think these words are overused and are a form of gas lighting to avoid facing opposing opinions. If Michelle’s arguments are strong enough then she should be able to discuss them, if they are weak straw man logical fallacies then they will not stand up to an opposing view. Perhaps allow to fight her own battles, unless you are Michelle using a fake name. Nice try 😂


  11. As stated above – I don’t believe anger is unhealthy. You are indoctrinated so you believe that any sign of phases of anger means that I am not in recovery. That’s not how people who understand trauma or abuse define recovery. Recovery does not mean lack of emotion. My ‘campaign’ is justified. I found out I was in a dangerous cult that is seriously hurting people. If I had no reaction to that, this would be pathological.

    I only use my actual name, and my credentials, because I’m not a coward or ashamed of anything I have to say. You are gaslighting me whilst accusing us of gaslighting you. You did this as ‘Empty Bliss’ and several others. You can’t gaslight me by claiming I’m paranoid either. It’s obvious what you’re doing. I’m not approving any more of your psychological abuse. It’s disturbing that you were allowed to impregnate a working visitor as an NKT teacher given this is how you abuse people online. I worry for the safety of your child.


  12. Oh DoMOnic you’re now known for your extremism and instability.

    May you find…

    something better to do with your time. (insert ironic praying emoji) lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This man teaches children NKT practices and preaches to them about Shugden in his religious education classes. Several concerned members of the public have tried to raise the alarm after seeing this on social media. Children should not be given messages that ‘negative’ emotions are ‘impure’, be taught Shugden or be given the impression that the dalai lama is a ‘saffron robed Muslim’.

      Do(Mo)nic, just in case you’re still reading this, a friend of mine traced your IP address to the Desborough area, Sky Broadband. Hidden yogi/Empty Bliss/Shunyata Sukha/Dr Mere Name/Dominic Marshmellow, you’re not very good at remaining ‘hidden’. You’ve stooped to a new low with this latest troll name.


  13. Attn: Michelle Haslam

    Hello. I saw your contributions on the big qs. My wife and I were interested and thank you. Wanted to encourage you in your Organisation’s work.

    I’m currently receiving support after indoctrination in the Assemblies of God Pentecostal UK in my earlier years. Useful has been Marlene Winnel’s book ” leaving the fold”.

    I find that I can no longer enter a church and my support has to be through non religious support. I do feel concerned about vulnerable people in those churches and indeed in many schools where fundamentalist Christian groups visit emphasising sin and unworthiness.

    My upbringing encountered much thought around egos. “I was nothing in myself” – this was so destructive.

    However, I have a wonderful family. Married for 44 years, retired, grandchildren, caravanning etc. Much to be thankful for despite the mental health side of thingsvwhich at times has been difficult. Long term meds essential for me. Plus ebiking which helps enormously. And can’t thank our health services enough for their past and current input.

    Was interested listening about your experiences. Delighted seeing what you and your colleagues are doing. A wonderful work as a clinical psychologist. Wishing you all much success.

    Sending our best wishes

    John & Eleanor Howell
    Witney, Oxford.


  14. I thought Dominic was very useful there. He seems to be very abusive. I was shocked by how personally attacked he is by your not believing in the same things he does. This sentence: If Michelle’s arguments are strong enough then she should be able to discuss them, if they are weak straw man logical fallacies then they will not stand up to an opposing view. Was particularly telling as he seems to be giving himself the advice he sorely needs.
    Anyway teenage trolling aside, keep going 🙂 They say you can be in a room full of supporters but it only takes one to ruin everything… However, we both know after escaping the NKT, that ‘one’ (especially when they are proving our story) only makes things clearer for others to see the nastiness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Andrea. This person (who I believe to be Mohammed Butt) is also using the pseudonym ‘Dominic Marshmellow’ to taunt me, as this is the first name of the person I dated, and ‘mellow’ suggests my ex is cool calm and collected whilst I am not. In this way, Mo gaslights and provokes me, even though he personally told me that he thought my ex was an abusive person and he could not stand him, Mo now uses this to abuse me himself, to suggest I am spiritually inadequate and to attempt to humiliate me


  15. About two months ago, I did a workaway in a NKT center. I was feeling quite lonely and depressed and thought it would be nice to be surrounded by mindful people and have this “community vibe”. It was only a week, but what a week. Very confusing. After I realized that other workawayers felt quite similar I decided to leave. Yesterday, I finally decided to leave a review on the workaway listing, thinking it could help people with “spiritual intentions” to avoid the place. I believe they have high ratings because people that have negative experiences there think “It must be me” or “I don’t want to be the complaining person”. In my case there was also a fear of retaliation (although irrational I guess) but still, it almost made me not write any feedback. Anyways, I thank you for what you do, it’s important to educate people that “Buddhist Meditation Center” doesn’t necessarily means it’s a Buddhist Meditation Center. All the best, sending love and support.


    1. Hi there. No, it’s not an irrational fear that you have, they do retaliate, as you can see from the above trolling and the defamation and threats against former members. The NKT is one of the most malignant sects out there. Even Scientology will communicate more effectively with other organisations than the NKT does, the NKT just sends legal threats to organisations such as Inform that collect data on sects. They also heavily control their Wikipedia page, delete reviews from Google that aren’t positive etc. Thank you for leaving a review on Workaway. I’ve tried to tell Workaway about the risks. I saw working visitors being heavily exploited, psychologically abused, verbally abused, groomed into sexual relationships with ‘teachers’. Workaway took no action and stopped replying to me. The NKT deliberately avoid using their full name on their listings in order to deceive volunteers, so they don’t know that they are going to an NKT centre unless they do further research. I still see them using volunteers to advertise themselves, getting them to promote the centre by appearing in videos about how great the centre is, whilst they are being ‘love-bombed’. It’s terribly sad.


  16. I came to this blog having watched a YouTube interview where you compare your NKT experience with a guy who had a bad experience with Watch Tower Group. I am an NKT Practitioner and have been a Mental Health Professional for 20 + years. I wondered if you would be open to talking with me? It’s okay if you would prefer not to engage with someone who is still a part of the organisation that you feel so damaged by.


  17. Hi Geraldine. Please could you explain why you have said that I ‘feel’ so damaged by my experience, instead of recognising that I actually was intentionally harmed by the NKT trying to ruin my career as a result of my whistleblowing? Is that what you would say to someone who discloses a traumatic experience to you, as a mental health professional with so many years of experience? If you actually do have any experience as a mental health professional, and this isn’t just Mohammed Butt (again).


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