Be Scofield: Inside Kelsang Gyatso’s New Kadampa Tradition

Interviews with Michelle

BBC One The Big Questions show ‘Does mindfulness do more harm than good?’ Once this BBC iPlayer episode is no longer available you can watch it on YouTube in the second half of this video here.

Jon Atack, ex-scientologist and Dr Michelle Haslam have a general chat, discussing authoritarian groups, ‘Fair Game’ attacks and PTSD
Jon Atack interviews Dr Michelle Haslam on her entry/recruitment and indoctrination
Jon Atack interviews Michelle on realising the true nature of the New Kadampa Tradition
Jon Atack and Michelle on recovery and prevention
Talk Beliefs

Let’s talk about sects: The New Kadampa Tradition

On Belief Podcast: The New Kadampa Tradition

(Please note Michelle made a mistake regarding dates. For an accurate history of the NKT please visit this page).

Imperfect Buddha Podcast: Dr Michelle Haslam and her psychological report on the controversial New Kadampa Tradition

Interviews with Tenzin

Imperfect Buddha podcast: Tenzin Peljor on leaving a Buddhist cult

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