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The stories of former members of high-demand groups don’t get told as often as they should. Being swindled, deceived, controlled, or betrayed in a cultic group is an experience that many thousands of people have been through. Unfortunately, the vast majority of such people who identify their experience as abusive do not speak out’. (Daniel Shaw)

Standard Lauren’s YouTube channel:

Surviving the New Kadampa Tradition‘ anonymous YouTube series:

Ms BS Detector’s New Kadampa Tradition testimony:

Greg Powell’s testimony on the New Kadampa Survivor Testimonies page

Tenzin PeljorHow I got sucked into a cult.

Carol McQuireRealising the Guru’s Intention: Hungry Humans and Awkward Animals in a New Kadampa Tradition community

Peter Graham Dryburgh: When it’s more than abuse

Andrea BallanceI am not your teacher, A story of an NKT nun ‘disrobing‘, Talking about profound lonelinessDuty of Care. A cartoon series by Andrea that portrays her experiences is here.

Ivy WallaceFinally after years of fanaticism I began opening my eyes

Linda Ciardiello: It slowly dawned on me that I had been sucked into a cult

Tenzing Wangdak: The ticking bomb that took 23 years to explode, Part 1 and Part 2.

Carmelo RussoVideo testimony of his time living at Nagarjuna KMC.

Eddie Nuttall: Video testimony Part 1 and Part 2.

Matthew O’ConnellBuddhist bullshit.

Stephen Schettini “The Novice: Why I became a Buddhist Monk, Why I Left and Why Learned

Last time I saw Kelsang Gyatso (anonymous)

Ordained too early (Rob, surname anonymous) The real danger (another Robert, or possibly the same one)

Eighteen months since leaving the NKT (anonymous)

A day in the life of The New Kadampa Tradition (anonymous)

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