Testimonies found elsewhere

Surviving the New Kadampa Tradition‘ anonymous YouTube series:

Tenzin PeljorHow I got sucked into a cult.

Matthew O’ConnellBuddhist bullshit.

Carol McQuireRealising the Guru’s Intention: Hungry Humans and Awkward Animals in a New Kadampa Tradition community

Andrea BallanceI am not your teacher, A story of an NKT nun ‘disrobing‘, Talking about profound lonelinessDuty of Care. A cartoon series by Andrea that portrays her experiences is here.

Ivy WallaceFinally after years of fanaticism I began opening my eyes

Tenzing Wangdak: The ticking bomb that took 23 years to explode, Part 1 and Part 2.

Carmelo RussoVideo testimony of his time living at Nagarjuna KMC.

Eddie Nuttall: Video testimony Part 1 and Part 2.

Stephen Schettini “The Novice: Why I became a Buddhist Monk, Why I Left and Why Learned

Last time I saw Kelsang Gyatso (anonymous)

Ordained too early (Rob, surname anonymous) The real danger (another Robert, or possibly the same one)

Eighteen months since leaving the NKT (anonymous)

A day in the life of The New Kadampa Tradition (anonymous)

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