Trying to get support when you are being sociopathically attacked at work and online by senior NKT using fake identities

1. ) The Charity Commission

‘Automatic reply ……………..then silence’

2.) Academics  

‘You are in more danger than you could ever imagine. Hand it over to the police and seek legal advice’

3.) The Police    

‘It’s a civil issue between you and them. We can’t see that any crime has been committed.’

4.) Lawyers 

‘That’ll be £1000 for a consultation please. It’s unlikely we will be able to identify them.’

5.) Friends and family

‘Can’t you just let go?

6.) The Charity Commission


7 thoughts on “Trying to get support when you are being sociopathically attacked at work and online by senior NKT using fake identities

  1. Keep a record of everything. Archive the website, take screen shots, save attack emails. The real identity will eventually be exposed, you can trust me on that.

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  2. The Charity Commission has limited resources and generally don’t respond, but that’s not to be taken badly. As I understand, the Commission has been keeping an eye on the NKT since the Reuters article that claimed they were taking money from China. The harassment, bullying, and assault allegations are being noted. I suggest it is just a matter of time before the Commission acts. That’s not to stop anyone with a genuine grievance against the NKT to still come forward, the more evidence the Commission can gather, the better. We are talking decades of abuse, bullying, suicides, and financial impropriety.
    While all evidence suggests the NKT have used a fake name, a tactic they have used before and were caught doing so, it will be difficult to prove. If someone is willing to dig around in old ‘The Observer’ articles, evidence can be found of their use of this fake name tactic. The police would not need to be involved, the Charity Commission would want to be involved, and perhaps ‘The Observer’ would be delighted to run this story again?

    Whoever is making these crazy decisions in the NKT needs sacked before the Commission and the media destroy the New Kadampa Traditions reputation.


  3. I got no reply from The Observer or Charity Commission yet. I agree with everything you’ve said apart from the bit about saving the NKTs reputation. That would not be holding the individual members wellbeing as the main priority which is how it should be. It’s beyond repair and will never have safeguarding as it’s priority, whoever leads it.


    1. Have a few friends that are Board Members of UK charities, they have nothing but praise for the Charity Commission, but admit it is under-resourced and over-stretched.


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