Discussing recovering from The New Kadampa Tradition with Christian Szurko

Topics covered in the below video include:

  • Christian’s observations of PTSD symptoms in his ex-NKT clients
  • Narcissistic abuse, gaslighting
  • How the teachings, shared language and groupthink manipulates our consciousness and ability to reality-test
  • How critical thinking becomes difficult and speaking about doubts within the group impossible
  • How the group and teachings stay in your head long after leaving the group
  • A few tips on recovery e.g. finding your own way forward, reality testing
  • Shame following spiritual abuse and leaving an authoritarian sect
  • The importance of sharing our understanding of the group with survivors and their support networks
  • The need for training for mental health professionals on religious authoritarian sects, including Buddhist groups
  • A growing awareness and whistleblowing of the enabling of abuse within Buddhist groups
  • Defamation, character assassination of critical ex-members (scientology’s ‘fair game’ policy).

Please note that this was recorded the day after my workplace received the defamation email. The morning of this recording, I had a blackout, and had a ‘shutdown’ vagus response throughout the day. As a result I am very tired in this recording but we went ahead anyway as we had scheduled it. Christian very kindly deconstructed the defamation (off camera) for me also which helped ground and calm me. Thank you so much Christian for the work you do.

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