DARVO: The defamation site set up in Michelle’s name by senior NKT (plus trolling)


‘Longing for a humanitarian, peaceful and compassionate religion or a discipline about mental transformations projected on Buddhism and all its representatives contrasts with the facts of manipulation, violence and abuse of power in various international Buddhist groups and their tendencies of destruction against individuals who are considered to be disloyal or break away‘. (Anders, 2019a).

The day after my analysis of the NKT went viral through Tenzin Peljor’s website, my workplace received an email from a ‘Dr Robert Harrison’ who claimed to be concerned for my mental state. You can view the email on NKTworld. After I shared this email on social media, my workplace then received legal threats in the style of ‘Indy Hack’, who previously attacked survivors and spread defamation propaganda about them claiming to be an independent journalist. After I shared this on social media, ‘Dr Robert Harrison’ threatened my workplace with legal action should I release the email further. I never saw these emails, but was told ‘Dr Robert Harrison’ sent pages of pages of legal threats and claims about how despicable I am, whilst still maintaining he had nothing to do with the NKT. 

He then (just in time for summer festival) wrote an ENTIRE WEBSITE solely dedicated to character assassination: www.dr-michelle-haslam.com. ‘Dr Robert Harrison’ who claims he is an experimental psychologist (whilst also suggesting he is a clinical psychologist by trying to diagnose me) claims that I was fired for gross misconduct. This is a lie. He uses DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender) to suggest he was caused significant distress by me. 

He also claims he does not have the time or inclination to examine my report in full (he only cares about my mental health, right?) yet he has checked out the report in great detail. In order to discredit it. Why would anyone do that if they were not a senior NKT member? He states he knew nothing about it, but I referred to the fact that I was writing it in my videos, which he stated he watched. So there is no way he could not know I was writing a psychological report on the NKT.

He also managed to find out the date of my father’s death and his age. Creepy, right? The team of stalkers behind him, who have been working behind the scenes as soon as they identified me as a threat, have done well. They couldnt work out my age though, because I was 17 when my father died, not 14. He claims all my trauma must be caused by my father’s death and a relationship breakdown to suggest that the trauma caused by my involvement with the NKT must be minimal. 

In regards to the claims that I am mentally unstable, this is clearly a method for discrediting my report (see page on character assassination). Anders (2019b) argues that ‘such a system of slandering, systematically humiliating women and stigmatizing people, even with terms referring to psychiatric diseases, creates distress and fear in the group and for the individual’. If he had genuine empathy like he is suggesting he does, he would not disclose personal information about my mental health online in order to try to undermine my perception of reality (gaslighting) or to humiliate me, if I was already suffering. 

People in power and their established entourage have the opportunity to use social isolation by spreading rumors about someone, employing public slander or ordering others to do so. And such slander campaigns are not limited to group borders, but may be extended to members’ social background, key relationships or professional relationships‘. (Anders, 2019b) 

Trauma of any kind does not negate my view. Claiming people who write testimonies are too traumatised to be trusted is a cult classic. He claims that I was not having therapy or taking responsibility for myself. This is a lie (how would he know about my therapy anyway?) 

In regards to his claims of plaigairism. The first version was written quickly as I felt unsafe, like they could attack at any moment and I needed to get it finished. I was warned that they would attack immediately. As a result I think I didn’t adequately check I had reworded all the chunks of text I had in my notes. This has now been rectified. The use of plaigairism software indicates that ‘Dr Robert Harrison’ is a member of the NKT with an interest in attempting to ruin my reputation.

Oh NKT you just continue to make this worse. Not only is this sociopathic, it’s actually stupid. It would have been a lot more intelligent to just issue a fake apology to anyone who ‘feels’ they have been harmed. Or at least to use your real name. But they can’t, because they know that then I could sue them for defamation.

The below screenshot shows what teachers used to claim before I came along to discredit ex-members. I believe this is why they are threatened by me:

In order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything in his power to promote forgetting. Secrecy and silence are the perpetrator´s first line in defense. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure that no one listens. To this end, he marshals an impressive array of arguments, from the most blatant denial to the most sophisticated and elegant rationalization. After every atrocity one can expect to hear the same predictable apologies: it never happened; the victim lies; the victim exaggerates; the victim brought it upon herself; and in any case it is time to forget the past and move on. The more powerful the perpetrator, the greater is his prerogative to name and define reality, and the more completely his arguments prevail (Herman, 2015).

For a further analysis please visit nktworld. I agree with the analysis given on nktworld, and would add that a real Dr of Psychology with concern for my mental state would have no interest in my document on the NKT whatsoever, and would not record everything I say in order to exaggerate and twist it. For a thoughtful article on the abuse I have received by ex-NKT Medium writer Geoffrey Bonn at ‘Leaving the sangha’ please see here.

Update 03.08.19. Today I feel very sad about how the NKT members are being deceived by this narrative created by senior NKT via the fake persona ‘Dr Robert Harrison’. In the first few days of finding it I saw it mainly as an attack on my reputation. But now, I am more aware that really their main priority is to keep people on the inside from the truth. And that is really heartbreaking. They are being deceived on so many levels. The NKT claim they don’t keep people captive, but what is this if not captivity amongst a bunch of fake personas and lies?


Anders. A. I. M. (2019a). Psychological impact of power abuse in Buddhist groups and essential aspects in psychotherapeutic interventions for the affected individualsSFU Research Bulletin, 7/1, S. 32-50 DOI: 10.15135/2019.7.1.32-50.

Herman, J. L. (2015). Trauma and Recovery. The Aftermath of Violence—From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror. New York: Basic Books, Member of Perseus Books Group.

30 thoughts on “DARVO: The defamation site set up in Michelle’s name by senior NKT (plus trolling)

  1. My god how pathetic can you be? I can’t believe these people call themselves Buddhists, even if just kadampas, still… pathetic and pathological.


    1. I am having a good laugh about it today.

      ‘Unbeknown to me the precursor for Dr Haslam’s paranoia was the release of a document she refers to as a ‘psychological report’ on the New Kadampa Tradition. I use speech marks as the document falls far short of being a psychological report and I will explain in more depth later my rationale and reasoning to support this point of view.’

      It’s not even clever!! Claiming he has nothing to do with the NKT and then pulling apart my report anyway? 😂


  2. If you haven’t considered taking legal action for character defamation yet perhaps it’s time! This “Dr Robert Harrison” (who uses an email address of “Bob Harris” which is not attached to any academic or professional institution) is clearly a fake persona. The style of attack and language used suggest you have been targetted by none other than “Indyhack” ie the NKT chief psychopath duo: Kelsag KenDrab and Neil “Knickersoff” Elliot aka Kelsag Tubby, allegedly.


    1. I have reported the trolling and defamation to Northamptonshire police today but I doubt they will be interested. Apparently you can’t pursue legal action when someone is using a fake name. Perhaps I could hire a private investigator but I’m not really bothered enough. They may still not be able to identify him and they’ll charge me a fortune


      1. The only thing that is stupid is your fake ‘psychological report’. Get yourself a sense of humour!


    1. Why don’t you just be honest and say that you hope I suffer immensely?

      These are the same style of comments by ‘Empty Bliss’ who trolled my YouTube (see my report for screenshots) who is the same person as ‘Dr Robert Harrison’ in my opinion. He’s great at the fake concern and well wishes. We know it’s you senior NKT. You are pathological liars and frauds. This website is seriously sick and twisted and now everyone will see what you did to try to dismiss, punish and silence me. Even if you delete it, the screenshots will remain here. I have had feedback from an insider that it’s even obvious to most of the highly indoctrinated long term members that this is you.

      Oh and by the way you can’t delete these comments, ever. It’s me who has control over the comments. So now everyone will continue to see how you have responded to this post, for as long as this website exists.

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  3. Sorry to hear that the New Kadampa Tradition have gone full blown Scientology on you Michelle. The NKT used this fake name tactic before. If I remember correctly it was either to deflect media attention away from the Neil Elliott/ Gen la Thubten sex scandal, or the first time they chose to demonstrate against the Dalai Lama. Whatever one it was, it ended badly, egg-on-face badly, and this time will be no different. Is there a real Dr Robert Harrison out there wondering why his reputation is being destroyed by some crazed ‘religious’ organization?
    Ultimately this un-Buddhist behaviour from the Kadampa Internet Office at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, Ulverston, managed by disgraced sexual predator Neil Elliott / Gen la Thubten just makes the New Kadampa Tradition appear as guilty as charged. It’s no surprise that this fake website has appeared at the end of International Teacher Training Programme and the start of Summer Festival, that’s when all the crazies are under one roof.

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    1. Thank you for your support. Yes it’s tactics they have used before. I did think they might be smarter than this though. Yes the timing is clearly to control the narrative in time for summer festival.


  4. What’s so laughable about Indyhack/Neil Elliott/KenDrab’s attempt to pretend that they are some kind of disinterested third party who contacted your employer out of professional concern, is that why on earth would any such disinterested third party be remotely interested in trawling through your Pyschological Report in order to attempt to discredit it? Honestly, why would he care?

    The whole style of this Dr Robert Harris is so similar to “Indyhack” that it also makes it even more clear that Indycrap’s claims to be a disinterested “journalist”, with nothing to do with the NKT, are just as absurd as this “Doctor”‘s claim that he is also nothing to do with the NKT.

    What is shocking is that such dishonest, nasty, vindictive behaviour can come from someone who thinks they really are a Buddhist whose motivation is “compassion for all sentient beings”. Obviously that compassion doesn’t extend to anyone who criticises him and his beloved baby, his very own cult, the NKT. Neil Elliott is such a nasty piece of work, such a complete fraud, in my opinion, that the only possible route he had to gaining the sort of power over people that psychopaths like him crave, is by creating his own cult. All he had to do was find himself a second-rate Tibetan scholar with his own narcissistic cravings and he could make his dream come true. These poor saps who believe in him and the Fake Geshe – you gotta feel sorry for them, with their obsessive devotion to some weird demonic entity too, they’re laying in store for themselves life-times of servitude, when if they just opened their eyes and looked around they could find a true spritual path and escape from the awful spiritual dead-end they’re trapped in. Wake up KelsangBots! There is life after the NKT and it’s soooo much better!


      1. LOL Such a smart and articulate response! I wonder if this Kachemarpo is my old “friend” Zach Wayman? That particular phrase was a response I remember him directing at me several times when my words sent him into a frenzy of spluttering rage before. Now, now Zach – go and do your Lojong practice right this minute, and you can make me the “person you hate” object to whom you have to send loving thoughts. I look forward to receiving them 🙂

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    1. You’re right, a disinterested third party who can’t really be bothered to look at it because it’s not worth his time or attention (and woefully written apparently) would not run it through plagiarism software either! What a joke!

      It’s probably not very helpful to demand that people wake up and open their eyes though. They are being deceived and they are under coercive control. Many of them have mild learning disabilities, attachment difficulties and lack a social network outside the NKT. We were there once too.


      1. I regard the remarks like “Wake up and open your eyes” to be sowing seeds. When I was in the NKT I knew a man who was living at Manjushri Institute at the time Kelsang Gyatso and the Priory Group were taking it over and gradually kicking out anyone who wasn’t an exclusive devotee of Kelsang Gyatso, while destroying the library there too. My friend was not a fan of KG, got evicted, saw them destroy the library and repeatedly warned me against involvement with him and his new “tradition” (NKT). He told me Kelsang Gyatso was a fraud and not to be trusted but I didn’t believe him. I REFUSED to believe it to the point of getting quite angry with him because I felt he was trying to “destroy my faith”, to use the line they indoctrinate you with… BUT, his words of warning did sow some seeds and eventually, in my own time, I realised he was RIGHT all along. So hopefully, one day, some of these NKT folks who react angrily to my comments, which admittedly are heavy with sarcasm (which probably doesn’t help get the message over but then again nothing really does – people have to work it out in their own time) …some of these folks will realise that they have been conned and that the so-called “spiritual path” they are on is a blind-alley at best, and at worst will indeed leave them in crushed servitude to a bunch of charlatans and their demonic entity “Protectors” for the rest of their lives and who knows how many more future lives.


  5. The NKT are a known cult. They are responding exactly how brainwashed cult members respond: vindictively and using pseudonyms.

    Whoever these people are, they WILL be uncovered. They are just making it worse for themselves.


  6. Here’s the picture:

    Old British men masquerading as fully ordained monks, build a cult that masquerades as Buddhism.

    These men proceed to allegedly sexually exploit female nuns and students causing some to commit suicide. Others continue to live with the trauma for the rest of their lives. They participate in and condone financial exploitation, spiritual abuse, financial abuse.

    Most of these men continue to manage the NKT. They’ve never apologized. They won’t budge on safeguarding. Checks and balances remain dismal at best. Whistleblowers are aggressively harassed by these men, threatened with the destruction of their livelihood, even monks and nuns risk their NKT ordination should they speak up. Sickening, isn’t it?

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  7. Dear Michelle I fully support your ‘right ‘ to express your experience at the NKT and I totally validate your feelings. I am sad to hear you had a difficult time and glad you have found the strength to arise and fight back your ‘right “ to do so . I see your genuine intentions and sense of responsibility to protect the public and I wish your intentions were appreciated and take it seriously instead then try to discrete you .( Who ever he /she or they are ) .
    In an ideal world, there is definitely something constructive that can be taken from this experience from all parties involved and thats what i think everyone should concentrate on and leave the rest to the rubbish. Reality is instead exactly like it is now but please lets not stop to strive for a better , honest , peaceful world.


    1. Thank you. Yes, we should be able to sit down together and discuss how to work together in the safeguarding of vulnerable people. We should be able to think about how we protect people from damaging themselves as much as possible. Instead of giving them false hopes that they are guaranteed enlightenment through our methods and reliance on us alone, with no possibility of adverse effects.


  8. Been doing a bit of research, talking to fellow ex NKT-ers. This is my theory re Dr Robert Harrison – The content was written by Steve Booth aka Gen-la Khyenrab, the website was put together by Neil Elliott aka Gen-la Thubten and the rest of his team in the Kadampa Internet office at Manjushri KMC, Ulverston. Steve Booth studied psychology at Sheffield University, and before ordination in the New Kadampa Tradition worked in child psychology, children in hospitals with terminal illness I believe. Steve Booth has the ‘credentials’ to pick through your report.
    Apparently Booth and Elliott have known each other since University, but I’m unsure what the latter studied. Is narcissism a field of study? (only joking).
    The real Dr Robert Harrison has been lecturing at Sheffield Uni since 1987, and prior to selling his soul to the NKT, Steve Booth may well have come into contact with him. The real Dr Robert Harrison works in data modelling.

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  9. Regarding my previous comment. The language used in the website reminds me very much of ‘IndyHack’, the apparent journalist who supported the NKT during the Dalai Lama protests by character-assassinating the NKT Survivors. Same tactic used on you now.
    So the website appears during the NKT’s Summer Festival, Gen-la Khyrenrab/ Steve Booth is qualified to pick through your report, and it appears to have been written in the same aggressive style as IndyHack. My assumption is that IndyHack is senior NKT with a background in journalism.

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  10. Hey, did anyone notice that the urbansports company is cooperating with NKT? At lest in Germany and France. I was in touch with then several times trying to make them aware that NKT is a cult – no result so far. They are offering free meditation classes to their members… sending unsuspecting people directly into the NKTs open arms.


    Maybe some more people should get in touch with them …


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